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Starting Your Research Series

Finding citations in databases

Finding citations in UC Library Search

To find a citation in a UC Library Search catalog record, first look for materials in the catalog. Click the title of a resource to get the full record.

Once you're in the catalog record for the resource, look for the "Citation" icon, below the title and publishing information. It looks like a quotation mark.

When you click the Citation icon, you'll have the opportunity to pull up the citation for the resource in a variety of formats. Here's the citation to the resource in MLA format. Click "Copy to Clipboard" to cut and paste the citation into a bibliography in a separate document.


Find citations in EBSCO databases

In any EBSCO database (Academic Search Complete, Business Source Complete, PsycINFO, and others), the article records will include an option to choose a citation format. Look for the "Cite" option on the right side of the record:













When you click the "Cite" button, you'll get the citation for the article in various formats, including the most commonly used formats, and you can copy and paste into a bibliography.










Find citations in ProQuest databases

The "Cite" button in ProQuest databases (PsycINFO, ProQuest Ebook Center, and others) is in a similar location to the "Cite" button in EBSCO databases, and works much the same:













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