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Starting Your Research Series

Setting Up & Connecting

VPN Set Up & Connection on Your Device

As noted in the previous video, the campus' Office of Information Technology (OIT) provides the VPN and has clear set-up instructions. Follow the steps below to install and connect to the VPN. Visit the hyperlinked web pages.

Step 1: One-Time Set-Up

  • Locate the setup instructions you need, based on your operating system, from OIT’s Knowledge site. Note: This link will open in a new tab. Return to this tab to finish the rest of this activity.
  • Scroll down and click Virtual Private Network (VPN) found in the Categories panel at the left.
  • Find "Connecting to UC Merced VPN" instructions for your MAC or Windows devices.
  • Follow the links to view Instructions with screenshots.
  • Proceed to set-up the VPN on your device. You only need to install it once.

Step 2: Anytime You Want to Connect

  • When at an off-campus location, connect to the VPN before you start your research. Locate the "Connecting to UC Merced VPN" instructions you need on OIT’s Knowledge site at its Service Hub.
  • You will connect with your UCMnetID and password.
  • You will need to complete your 2-Factor Authentication.
  • Connecting will only take a few seconds!

image of vpn on various devices

from Stefan Coders @ Pixabay


If you have any difficulties with the VPN set-up, please visit the OIT's website for assistance options. You can contact them via chat, phone, schedule an appointment, or visit one of their locations.

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