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Starting Your Research Series

Ideas & Inspiration

Crafting a research question can be challenging. Get inspiration, at any step along the way, by pre-searching.

Use a database or news site to explore topics and sub-topics. This strategy can help you generate ideas for your research question.

explore spelled out in letter

Image from Wokandapix @ Pixabay

To Do: Take a few minutes to explore two or more of these resources before proceeding to the final questions.



Note: Some of these resources require the VPN.

Above the Noise

  • Videos hosted by Myles Bess and Shirin Ghaffary that address controversial topics and answer research questions.


  • Links to newspaper articles on hot topics from a variety of perspectives intended to help readers escape their filter bubbles.

CREDO Reference (VPN required)

  • Background information, on a variety of topics in ebooks, to start your research.


  • A blog/news site offering content related to politics, sports, and science. Includes videos and podcasts.

Intelligence2 Debates

  • Intelligence Squared U.S. (IQ2US) hosts debates to highlight different viewpoints on a range of issues with reasoned, civil discourse.

New York Times (full access to digital version with account creation)

  • Reputable newspapers with news groups by categories including politics, tech, and health.

Newsbank Hot Topics (VPN required)

  • Trending topics and headlines, including social issues, with suggested searches for locating current news.

Opposing Viewpoints (VPN required)

  • Information sources on 500 issues ranging from energy and environmentalism to society and culture.
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