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Starting Your Research Series

Moving Beyond Best Bets

Beyond the Best Bets, there are other databases that also relate to the selected subject area. These appear in alphabetical order directly below the Best Bets.

After scrolling past the Bests Bets for Biology the first database listed is Agricola. A screenshot of what appears at the live site is included below. The screenshot also has an arrow directing to the databases below the Best Bets. You can also visit Best Bets for Biology to view.

screenshot of Best Bets and more databases for Biology

For any subject, you will want to scroll through the databases listed under the Best Bets to determine if there are others that you may want to try for your research.

For example, Agricola could be a good database to find information if you were researching a biology topic related to bioenergy due to Agricola's agricultural focus.

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