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Spark 001 (Koehler)

Research Guide for Prison Literacy

Preparing for Wikipedia Edits

1. Enroll in the Wikipedia Dashboard

  • Once you have your Wikipedia account, enroll into our class Dashboard by Monday, April 18th. We meet again on Monday, April 25th.
    • Visit the Dashboard URL.
    • If asked for a passcode, use mgthizbn.
    • You have any issues, please contact Sara. |

2. Research in Anticipation of Making a Wikipedia Contribution

3. Prepare Draft Edits for Your Selected Wikipedia Article

  • You may be working with a team on a specific section.
  • Bring your draft edits and resources to our next session. If comfortable, you can start drafting in your Wikipedia Sandbox or other workspace used in your class.
If you want to learn more about image use in Wikipedia, visit their Contributing Images and Media Files tutorial or this guide on Illustrating Wikipedia.