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Spark 001 (Koehler)

Research Guide for Prison Literacy



Dashboard Recap
  • Visit the Dashboard URL.
  • You may be asked for a passcode. mgthizbn


PART I: Review (5 min.)

  • Wikipedia pages

PART II: Wikipedia Account / Dashboard Access (5 min.)

  • Log in

PART III: Demo Edits to Wikipedia (30 min.)

Personal Page

  • Edits to our User Pages (Sara + all)
  • Edits to a Sandbox Page (Sara)

Wikipedia Article to Edit

  • Edits to a Talk Page (Sara)
  • Edits to a Live Wikipedia Article (Sara)
    • Text
    • Images (first add to Wikimedia Commons)

PART IV: Edit Wikipedia (50 min.)

  • Make edits to your selected Wikipedia article.
  • Ask questions of librarians.

PART V: Feedback (10 min.)

  • Thoughts on using the Wikipedia platform? Easy? Challenging?
  • Have any of your edits been changed?
  • What do you still have to do?

Prepared Edits (Sara)

Edit - Adding Text

EXISTING TEXT: From its grassroots beginnings, Roots & Blues has grown into the largest and most musically diverse festival in the British Columbian interior.[31] .... There is also the annual Word on the Lake ...

SARA'S REVISION: After two years of virtual festival pre-recorded performances (2020 & 2021), the Festival resumes an in-person event for it 30th anniversary in 2022.

Edit - Adding Images

PART I: Add an Image from Wikimedia Commons

PART II: Add an Image to the Wikimedia Commons

  • Sample: Manzanar free press, June 9, 1943
  • Author >> Unknown, writers of Manzanar free press
  • Copyright Tag >> {{PD-author|Name of Entity}}
    • Name of Entity is the repository that released it ..
    • {{PD-author | UCLA, Library Special Collections, Charles E. Young Research Library}}
  • Caption >> June 9, 1943 edition of the Manzar Free Press
  • Description >> The Manzanar free press was the official publication of the Manzanar Relocation Center Administration and newspaper of Manzanar Community Enterprises from 1942-1945.
  •  Date >> provides a calendar selector
  • Categories >> search for these … e.g. Japanese American Internment