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Research Guide for Prison Literacy

Select Images in Wikimedia

Use & insert image into your Wikipedia Article that are already in Wikimedia Commons.

See Inserting images with the Visual Editor (from Wikipedia)

  • Log into Wikipedia.
  • Locate the article where you will make edits.
  • Click “Edit”.
  • Choose “Insert”.
  • Choose “Images and Media”.
  • In the “Search for Media” search box, search via keywords. (If you have recently uploaded a file to Wikimedia, it will be presented to you for selection.)
  • Click on the image you want to insert.
  • Click the “Use this image” button.
  • Enter a caption.
  • Enter alternative text which will assist those using screen readers.
    • Advanced settings provide more formatting options.
    • You can choose to Wrap text around an image.
    • The image can be set left, right or center.
    • Image types include thumbnail, frameless, frame, or basic with or without a border.
    • Default the image size or make Custom.
  • Click “Insert”.
  • You can also choose to “Edit”. Make changes, and “Apply Changes”.
  • Look at preview, then Publish.
  • If asked, enter an edit summary.

Add Images to Wikimedia

Add images you found and saved to the Wikimedia Commons. Then follow the steps above to add them to your Wikipedia article. I recommend that you name your files something descriptive and accurate about the image.

See Uploading Images with the Visual Editor (from Wikipedia)

  • Visit the Wikimedia Commons
  • Log in
  • Click “Upload” (blue button at upper right).
  • You will be presented with an infographic. Scroll down to click “Next”. *You can choose to skip that step in the future.
  • Locate the image you want to add by browsing for the image “Select media files to share” OR drag a file on the page “Drop files here”.
  • Once you add an item, you will have the option to add more files.
  • It will show you a thumbnail of your images and a checkmark when uploaded.
  • Click “Continue”.

Now, you move onto Release Rights!

  • Select “This file is not my own work” (unless it is).
  • Once selected, other fields appear to fill in.
  • Add the Source URL.
  • Add the Author (s). This is required. e.g. for a newspaper, I put in Unknown, writers of Manzanar free press
  • Now tell us why you are sure you have the right to publish this work, starts by presenting the allowable Creative Commons licenses. Open other options with the arrow icon.
  • Here is a process for Public Domain items.
    • I used “I found it on the Internet".
    • I type in the Copyright Tag using this template. The Name of the Entity is the repository that released it or designated it as public domain.
      • {{PD-author|  Name of Entity}}
      • {{PD-author | UCLA, Library Special Collections, Charles E. Young Research Library}}
  • There may be times when you indicate that it was the original work of the US Federal Government.

Next, is the place to Describe the image.

  • Add a one-line Caption.
  • Add a fuller Description.
  • Choose the date the work was created.
  • I have personally left Categories blank.
  • Click “Publish files”.

At the Data screen.

  • You can search to add items that depict the file.
  • For instance, Japanese American internment
  • Click “Publish data for all files”.

Then you will be presented with code for Wikipedia or a link. While a link or code can be copied for use, they are not necessary for your purposes.


Wikipedia's guidance is that "a gallery should not be added so long as there is space for images to be effectively presented adjacent to text."