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Spark 001 (Koehler)

Research Guide for Prison Literacy


Wondering how to access, locate, and use information sources?  This guide will provide information to support your research endeavors.

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Outcomes & Outline

Today you will be able to …

  • examine the organization of Wikipedia articles & brainstorm headings for a new Wikipedia article.
  • identify what images can be uploaded to Wikimedia Commons & used in Wikipedia.
  • locate sources related to your research.
  • understand how to prepare for our upcoming Wikipedia editing session.

Outline of Today's Session (spring 2022)

Part I: Wikipedia Articles (30 min.)

  • Reflect on Wikipedia Module
  • Group Activity:
    • Analyze Wikipedia Articles the organization & structure of Wikipedia article
    • Identify potential headings for a new Wikipedia article

Part II: Use of Images in Wikimedia Commons / Wikipedia (40 min.)

  • Commons licenses
  • Permissible licenses in Wikimedia
  • Group Activity:
    • Identifying and understanding licenses
    • Examine potential images for use in Wikipedia

Part II: Locating Information (40 min.)

  • Highlight basic search strategies.
  • Demo UC Library Search
  • Provide known items
  • Time to search for information

Part III: Wrap-Up & Feedback (10 min.)

  • Preparation for Session 2
  • Questions
  • Feedback


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