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Spanish Resources: Recursos para Literatura española (SPAN 050 & 121)

This guide links to useful Spanish language resources and databases.

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Search for background information, using general reference resources:

To change the language to Spanish, use the selection drop-down in the upper right corner of any Credo page.


Online Quick Picks

These online resources offer results in Spanish

Search Tips

For more examples of using these tips, the hot links will take you there!

Estrategias de búsqueda

A few strategies:

  • Look for synonym and other phrases to describe the topic within the first search results.
  • Broaden or narrow a topic depending upon the results.
  • Limit your search if needed e.g. by date, by language, or format.
  • Take advantage of "controlled vocabulary" e.g. descriptors, subject terms if available. 
  • Examine the bibliographies for relevant sources to research.
  • Sort results by relevance if this is not the default. (e.g. In some databases it is by recent date). Find a great article? See who else has cited it (esp. in Google Scholar)
Determine the key ideas and terms in your topic. Example: theme of the exploration or finding oneself in 15th Century Spanish Literature
Think of synonyms or related terms. Spanish literature; Latin literature ("1600-1699" OR "15th Century")
Select useful resources to search. Databases > Literature focused e.g. and UC Library Search catalog
Construct a search strategy.  Start with keyword searching. Many databases default to a keyword search field.
Look for a phrase, using quotation marks. "La Celestina" AND "15h century Spain" ;  Rojas y Celestina
Join similar terms with OR=more results "Spanish literature" OR "Spanish poet*"
Join dissimilar terms with AND=limits a search

(poetry OR saga) AND "Spanish literature"

Limit search by using NOT=limits a search quest AND "Spanish literature" AND 1600-1699" NOT Cervantes
Truncate a term (usually *) poe* (to search for poets, poetry, poem, poems)


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