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Undergraduate Research Programs - Humanities: Find a Known Item

Finding Known Items - Suggestions

If you have a known item, it can be helpful to first determine what the item is e.g. article, book, pamphlet, song, dissertation etc.  At times, this may influence where you look for the item.

1) Google Scholar

  • search by article title, author last name
  • includes many articles and references to books, a quick way to check for article titles though it is not exhaustive
  • includes citations from JSTOR

2) UC Library Search

  • search using book or article title, author last name
  • includes a wide range of formats and goes beyond UC's collection
  • can Request easily from records in this catalog

3) Journals@UCMerced

  • search for journal title
  • navigate to year> volume> issue > page
  • includes coverage details for periodicals (newspapers, journals, and magazines)

Article Citations

Do we have these articles?

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Book Citations

Do we have these books?

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Book Chapter Citations

Do we have these book chapters?

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