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RefWorks - Citation Management Software

Export References from Databases

Many library catalogs and databases provide an option to export citation information for reference into RefWorks.  Below are overall steps and export examples from two databases.

Key Steps:

  1. Search in a database.
  2. At the results list, select the desired references.
  3. Look for a folder / cite / save option.
  4. Look for a send / export option to RefWorks

This video (2:48) shows two examples of exporting citations into RefWorks.  The first example is from Business Source Complete (EBSCO) platform.  The second example is from U.S. Major Dailies (ProQuest) at 1:24.


Upload/Drag In PDFs

Key Steps:

  1. Log into RefWorks.
  2. Click the "Add" button in the top navigation menu.
  3. Select "Upload Document".
  4. Locate the document on your computer.
  5. Select "Open".
  6. RefWorks will show a blue bar that states "uploading".
  7. The items will show in the Last Imported section of RefWorks.

Note: You can also choose to drag a document into RefWorks to prompt uploading.

This video (2:23) demonstrates how to add PDFs to RefWorks with the "Add" button or by dragging & dropping a PDF into RefWorks.

Use "Save to RefWorks" Bookmarklet

Key Steps:

  1. Locate a source on the web that you want to add to your RefWorks Account.
  2. Click the "Save to RefWorks" bookmarklet on your browser.  *Details are listed below for installing the bookmarklet or see the "Tools" section in RefWorks.
  3. RefWorks will capture some citation details from the website and and load those into a panel at the right side of your screen.
  4. Add or modify the information in the panel.
  5. Click "Save to RefWorks". 
  6. You will be prompted to select a project and folder. Click "Import".
  7. You will receive a confirmation message if the upload is successful or a "We're sorry message" if the import was unsuccessful.

View this video (1:53) illustrating use of the "Save to RefWorks" bookmarklet to capture citation information from web pages.

How To: Add "Save to RefWorks" to Your Browser

"Save to RefWorks" is a bookmarklet that uses open source filters (translators) to scrape webpages for bibliographic information.

1. In RefWorks, hover over your name, and select "Tools."

2. Click the "Install Save to RefWorks" button.

3. Drag the button up to your browser's favorites bar.

4. The "Save to RefWorks" button is ready to go.



  • To use "Save to RefWorks", we recommend first logging into RefWorks.
  • "Save to RefWorks", will not work on secured sites (https:) or sites without filters.
  • Turn off pop-up blockers especially in Chrome.

"Capturing Research with Save to RefWorks," New RefWorks (3:14)