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History 108R (Saeteurn)

Decolonizing Africa

About this Guide

Welcome! This guide is intended for students in Prof Saetuern's HIST 108R course (Fall 2023) investigating a research question related to Africa and decolonization. Should you have questions about anything in this guide, my contact information is below.


By the end of this session, you will

  • access electronic resources through catalogs and databases.
  • gain an awareness of available services/resources available for fall 2023. and
  • understand the value of a citation management tool for managing & citing research.

Session Outline

Part I: ACCESS (5 min.)

Part II: SEARCH (15 min.)

  • Search Strategies
    • Reflect & adjust based on the search tool

Part III: RESOURCES (20 - 30 min.)

  • Primary Resources
  • Secondary Resources

Part IV: TRACK & CITE (15 min.)

  • Research Management with Zotero

Part V: REFLECT (5 min.)

  • Debrief

Instruction & Outreach Librarian

Profile Photo
Olivia Olivares
Kolligian Library
KL 260
(209) 285-7742