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History 108R (Saeteurn)

Decolonizing Africa

Phrase Searching (Double Quotes)

To search for specific phrases, enclose them in double quotes. The database will search for those words together in that order.

"South Africa"

"international trusteeship"

"Movement for Colonial freedom"

Boolean Operators (AND/OR)

Join together search terms in a logical manner.

AND - narrows searches, used to join dissimilar terms
OR - broadens searches, used to join similar terms

independence OR autonomy OR liberty


"Burkina Faso" OR "Upper Volta"


Truncate a word in order to search for different forms of the same word. Many database use the asterisk * as the truncation symbol.

independen* will bring up words including independent, independents, independence

nationali* will bring up nationalist, nationalists, nationalism, nationlization