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History 108R (Saeteurn)

Decolonizing Africa

Leverage Subject Headings

Look for assigned Subjects for books, articles etc. 

  • When at a catalog record in UC Library Search, click on Description and look for Subjects.
  • Click on a hyperlinked Subject to generate a new search.  Use Subjects to expand your search terms.

Samples: Library of Congress - Subject Headings

Decolonization Africa

Autonomy and independence movements

Africa, Southern History Autonomy and independence movements

International trusteeships

Mandates (often paired with the same of the country or region)

Postcolonialism Africa

Postcolonialism Social aspects Africa


Africa Politics and government 1960-

Africa Economic conditions 1960-

Use Fields in Databases

Consider using Fields offered in databases.  Search for one or more of your keywords in a specific field.

In the example below, the database is told to return citations with the terms decolonization AND Africa in the Title field.  The phrase "human rights" also has to appear but it does not have to be from the Title.

JSTOR search screen using Fields for searching