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Writing 116 (Toconis)

Science Writing in Natural Sciences


By the end of our library session, you will be able to ...

  • accurately distinguish between original research articles and literature reviews.
  • select & explore additional databases for your research.
  • use known item searching strategies to locate additional literature.
  • locate grant information for the sciences.
  • know how to contact a librarian for research assistance.

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Session Info

Getting Started (5 min.)

  • outcomes

Original Research Articles vs. Literature Reviews (10 min.)

  • What strategies do you use?
  • Review three articles briefly.

Expanding Search Option (30 min.)

  • What databases have you used?
  • Offer other options; brief demos
  • Time to Search
    • identify an article title

Known Item Search (15 min.)

  • Show alternate strategy (Cited By)

Locate Grants (20 min.)

  • Show two strategies.
  • Time to Search
    • brief exploration

Wrap-Up (5-7 min.)

  • Contact a librarian
  • Your feedback

Librarian Instructor

Profile Photo
Joe Ameen
Library Office: KL 267B