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Writing 116 (Toconis)

Science Writing in Natural Sciences

Finding Science News

Science news is available from a variety of sources.  Those sources listed below will take you directly to an individual website.  Items with the asterisk * indicate that this news source is also covered in the Academic Search Complete database

  1. Why search for science news in a database?  The benefit of Academic Search Complete is the ability to search across multiple sources (e.g. science news sources) rather than visiting multiple individual websites. 
  2. Can I limit my search to science news sources in Academic Search Complete?  Yes.  Visit this link to search only a subset of content in Academic Search Complete.  The link will limit to Science News sources.
  3. What else does Academic Search Complete offer?  Academic Search Complete also offers scholarly articles in addition to science news.

Finding Blogs

Searching for blogs can be difficult -- because there are so many in so many different fields, it can be hard to figure out which ones are the best.

Google searches (e.g., biology blog) can be helpful. In addition, some magazines and journals keep lists of recommended blogs that may be useful. Some blogs also link to other blogs on the same topic.

Lists of blogs (you will need to use your judgment to decide if any of these will be relevant to you):

Note: read blogs carefully to make sure they are not trying to sell you products. Also, pay attention to where they come from / who writes them, etc. If you know the names of prominent researchers in your field, it may be worth it to see if they blog about their work.

Research Developments

Google Tip

Use capabilities found in Advanced search e.g. limit to a specific domain; limit the date.


Limit to a specific site in the regular Google box. e.g. "black holes" site:.

Search Strategies in ASC for Finding Science News

1. Enter your search terms in Academic Search Complete.

2. Refine results by selecting Magazines for source type

3. You can also filter by date, subject, publication, etc. on the far left of the results page.

4. Too many results?  Consider searching in the title field only for your terms.

Another option is to search this subset of Academic Search Complete.

To create your own subset, select Publications.  Search for a publication or browse for one.  Check mark it and Add.  Continue until you have built a list.  Click Search.  To retain this list, select Alert / Save / Share and copy the URL.