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Writing 112 (Fenstermaker)

WRI 112 - resources for finding information on artists and their work

Find Reviews of Exhibitions

Search Strategies

1. Identify keywords for your search.  Example...

  • Artist's name
  • Exhibits
  • Review

2. Identify a suitable database or resource for your search. 

  • Do you need a review from a scholarly journal or from a popular source like a magazine or newspaper? 
  • When did this exhibition take place?
    • This may influence what database you select.  For example, a newspaper database may have specific dates of coverage. 
  • See the Databases - Art focused tab or Databases - Arts & Humanities tabs for suggested databases.

3. Put together your search in a database.  See the Search Strategies tab for details.


"Frida Kahlo" AND exhibit* AND review* in Art & Architecture

If you know the actual name of the exhibition, you could search for that instead.

search for exhibit in art and architecture


"Frida Kahlo: Images of an Icon" AND review*

HINT:  Once looking at search results, you can also narrow to date of publication if you are looking for an article or review written during the time span of the review.


Find Exhibition Catalogs

Use the library's catalog -- UC Library Search -- to search for exhibition catalogs.

1. From the Library's home page, type in the last name of the artist you are searching in the UC Library Search search box. Click Enter. 

Example: Warhol

2. Next, on the left-hand filter panel, scroll down to Subject and click on Exhibitions. Click Apply Filters. 


3. Click on a title to see details about the book.  Scroll down to see details about the subject, genre and description to identify if the item is an exhibition catalog. 

You may need to Request a book through Interlibrary Loan (ILL).  Under the Get It section of the book record, you will find a request form.