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Writing 112 (Fenstermaker)

WRI 112 - resources for finding information on artists and their work

Biographical Info

1. Search specific reference books for short biographical information on artists.

2. Search UC Library Search for biographies of a specific artist.

Sample UC Library Search search.

salvador dali biography

3. Search the web for reputable biographical information.

Sample search in Google for biography information on artist Dali Salvador.

"dali salvador" biography

Ensure that you are aware of who is providing the information.

Interviews with Artists

Artist interviews may be found in newspapers, magazines, and may be posted on the free web. 

Note:  This can be tricky when someone like Andy Warhol has his own magazine called Interview!!

1. Search for a "specific artist name" with the word interview Search for a phrase such as "interview with andy warhol"


Search for "andy warhol" AND interview in ARTbibligraphies Modern.  Since there is NOT a Document Type for interviews, not all results are going to necessarily be interviews.

Search for "interview with andy warhol" in Google.

2. Search for a "specific artist name" and limit to the Document Type: Interview.  This is available in Advanced Search for SOME databases.  See Art & Architecture or ARTbibliographies Modern (ProQuest).

NOTE: Some of the interviews may be about the artist rather than with the artist.