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Writing 112 (Fenstermaker)

WRI 112 - resources for finding information on artists and their work

Chicago Manual of Style - Overview

1) Chicago Manual of Style (CMoS) Online - Home (17th ed.) or Chicago Manual of Style - Table of Contents

2) Two systems of documentation are allowed 1) Notes (endnotes OR footnotes) with Bibliography 2) author-date system; information on citing images seems to refer most often to using the Notes system. See PART II in the Table of Contents to find information on Notes and Bibliography or on Author-Date References.

3) Shop Talk blog posting from the Chicago Manual of Style; includes endnote or footnote examples, mentions that the following elements are needed:

  • name of artist
  • title of artwork (italics)
  • year created
  • medium (e.g. oil on canvas)
  • size (e.g. 36 x 30 inches)
  • where it lives (museum, gallery etc.)
  • date found (if online)
  • URL (if online)
  • book title (if in book)
  • page number (if in book)

Citing Images in Chicago Style - Additional Resources

Chicago-Style Citations, inc. Art & Images (Bowdoin Library)

  • gives advice about citing images and does a nice job of showing Notes (endnote or footnote) and corresponding Bibliographic Entry.

Citation Examples, Chicago (High Point University Libraries)

  • good overview of information needed for citing images and overall explanation of footnote or endnote options

Citing Images in Chicago Style (Dickinson, Waidner-Spahr Library)

  • examples for citing images and works of art

Citing Images - Chicago Style (Colgate Visual Resources Library)

  • include examples of images from a book, ARTstor, museum website etc.

Footnotes and Endnotes - Chicago Style (The Nature of Writing)

  • includes video or written explanation

Citation, Documentation of Source (Exhibition Catalogs) (The Chicago Manual of Style Online)

  • includes information on citing Exhibition catalogs and exporting citations from ARTstor

Notes & Bibliography - Citing Exhibition catalog (The Chicago Manual of Style Online)