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Writing 112 (Fenstermaker)

WRI 112 - resources for finding information on artists and their work

Creating an ARTSTOR Account

Collections from museums available in ARTstor

Logging into ARTSTOR gives you access to all the database's features.

  • To create an account, click here.
  • Click Log In (at upper right).
  • At the "Log in through your Institution" section, type in Merced.
  • Select University of California, Merced from the drop down menu.
  • Click Log In.
  • Log in with your UCMnetID and password.
  • Authenticate with Duo.
  • Once logged in, your email address will appear in the upper right.

Key Features in ARTSTOR

Use Advanced Search

  • Limit to Style / Period rather than In any field.  If you search for roman in Style or Period is will pull up items tagged with "Roman Period".
  • You could also imit to Geography e.g. Europe and limit by Date e.g. 509 B.C.E. to ...


  • Consider using a Classification after an initial search. e,g, Paintings.  However, these are limited.

Thumbnail View

  • Right click on thumbnail to see an option to Generate image URL and to View or export citations.  Note: If you email citation information, it will not be formatted into a citation style.

View Image and Metadata

  • Double click on the image to load in a new window.  Look for the "i" icon for information about the item.

Save Search

  • If logged in, you can save your search under "My Saved Searches" at upper right.

Top Navigation

  • Gives other options including viewing & exporting citations.