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Writing 100 (Antoine, Spring 2024)

Advanced Writing


This guide will provide information to support your research endeavors for Writing 100. 

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After this session, you will be able to:

  • locate key journals in your field of study.
  • identify and use databases, whether multidisciplinary or disciplinary, to locate relevant literature.
  • thoughtfully & logically apply search strategies (basic and advanced) to find scholarly and non-scholarly sources.
  • reflect and revise search strategies based on search tool, search results, and/or database functionality.


Welcome (5 min.)

  • goals
  • outcomes
  • pathway

Part I: Primary vs. Secondary Sources (20 min.)

  • definitions
  • identification activity

Part II: Keywords, Topics, Search Strategies (25 min)

  • share topic / research question
  • identify keywords
  • basic search strategies review
  • advanced search strategies (citation trails)
  • getting full-text (LibKey Nomad, ILL)

Part III: Databases & Searching (20 min)

  • locate databases
  • find a subject-specific database
  • free web-search tips

Part IV: Independent Time for Searching (20 min)

  • search in one or more databases

Part V: Research Help & Exit Slip (8-10 min)

  • make an appt.
  • provide feedback

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