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Writing 100 (Antoine, Spring 2024)

Advanced Writing

Identifying Keywords: Activity

Research Questions & Keywords

  • What is your research question? Share your name and research question (Column A and B) in the linked spreadsheet for your section below..
  • What keywords or phrases represented your research question? Record your keywords in the linked spreadsheet for your section below in Column C.

WRI 100-08 (9:30 am):

WRI 100-05: (1:30 pm):


"How do sleep habits affect the academic success of college students?"

My keywords are:

  • sleep habits
  • academic success
  • college students

Here are some possible alternatives for each of these keywords:

  • sleep, sleep disorders
  • academic achievement, student success, GPA
  • university students, undergraduates

How to Choose Keywords

McMaster Libraries (2:42)