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Writing 100 (Antoine, Spring 2024)

Advanced Writing

Choosing Databases

The UC Merced Library has over 900 databases. To narrow down to databases for your research, try these two strategies:

  1. Use the All Subjects limiter in the database A-Z list database listing to pinpoint databases related to a certain subject area.
  2. Read through the recommended database descriptions to see what kind of content the databases contain.


Locate a "Best Bets" library databases related to the field of study associated that is aligned with your research question.

  • Record the database name on the spreadsheet for your section in Column D.

WRI 100-08 (9:30 am):

WRI 100-05: (1:30 pm):

Finding Databases (Video Tutorial)

Discover how to find databases for your research using our A-Z Databases listing. (1:20)

Journals & Indexing

Databases index (aka inventory, record, catalog) resources.  

An index points to something.