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Research as Inquiry: Other Resources

Library resources for SPARK courses

Annotated Bibliographies


Research Questions - About

Write Science Questions (Ecology Project International)

  • Uses the scientific process as a way to formulate a research questions.  Asks students to consider the population and variable(s).  Discusses both comparative and correlative research questions.  

Humanistic Research Questions (T. Beauchamp, UCI)

  • Slide 1 refers to research questions in the humanities noting that they are usually interpretative, asking how or why meaning is created.  There are also references to research questions in philosophy, history, and literature.  Slide 3 gives sample research questions based on a literary text.

Organization Research for Arts and Humanities (USC Libraries)

  • Highlights two types of research papers in the arts and humanities – expository and argumentative and gives a brief explanation of each.

Writing Research Questions - at Research Rundowns (created by Dr. J. Patrick Biddix, University of Missouri – St. Louis)

  • Tips and suggestions for creating research questions.  Provides some examples.

Organizing Your Social Sciences Research Paper: The Research Problem/Question - UCS Libraries

  • See Types and Contents for four ways to conceptualize a social sciences research problems: casuist, difference, descriptive, and relational.