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Research as Inquiry: Research Questions from Academic Articles

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Examples of Research Questions from Academic Articles

Wallas, Alva, et al. "Road traffic noise and determinants of saliva cortisol levels among adolescents." International journal of hygiene and environmental health 221.2 (2018): 276-282.

Q: What role does road noise exposure and noise annoyance have on saliva cortisol levels in adolescents?

Davis, Laurel, and Rebecca J. Shlafer. "Mental health of adolescents with currently and formerly incarcerated parents." Journal of adolescence 54 (2017): 120-134.

Q: What are the associations between parent-child relationships, parental incarceration, and mental health in children of incarcerated parents?

Christensen, Darin. "The geography of repression in Africa." Journal of Conflict Resolution (2017): DOI: 10.1177/0022002716686829.

Q: How do the locations of protests in African countries between 1990 and 2012 affect how forcefully a government will crack down?

Jones, Elizabeth. "Racism, fines and fees and the US carceral state." Race & Class 59.3 (2018): 38-50.

Q: Does the practice of collecting fines and fees for low-level offences in the United States increase poverty and produce and reinforce race and class inequalities? 

Q: Does this practice manage and control black labour exhibiting “neoliberal colourblind racism”?

Sabloff, Paula LW, et al. "Demographics and Democracy: A Network Analysis of Mongolians’ Political Cognition." Journal of Anthropological Research 73.4 (2017): 617-646.

Q: "Does people’s political cognition (ideology) differ by demographic category?"

Q: "And do such categories reveal differences in cognition because the categories coincide with different life experiences?"

Trautmann, Anika, et al. "Large 3D direct laser written scaffolds for tissue engineering applications." Nanophotonics Australasia 2017. Vol. 10456. International Society for Optics and Photonics, 2018.

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