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Research as Inquiry: Resources - Videos

Library resources for SPARK courses

It's All About the Questions

This videos stresses that research questions should not be simplistic, yet require focus. The goal of inquiry is not to reach an absolute final answer. Research takes times and it an iterative process that uses a variety of sources and perspectives.

Inform Your Thinking: Episode 4 – It’s All About the Questions (3:42) Oklahoma State University

Developing a Research Question

This brief video encourages students to create a focused research questions of interest that cannot be answered by a few facts, has good scope (not too narrow or too broad) and researchable.  Students are instructed to start with some preliminary research to make sure that there will be sufficient information. 

Developing a Research Question (1:39) Steely Library NKU

Research is a Process

Encourages students to develop background knowledge to create a research question.  Research questions should have topic, question and significance.  The narrator suggests using the following formulation:  I’m studying  _______________ to investigate ______________ in order to understand. Complex research questions take time to create.

Research is a Process (video) 2:35 Anna Eisen

Developing a Research Question

The following information is conveyed in this video. Topics are starting points for research questions. (The narrator points out that research questions do not always show up in a paper. For example, a research question may be expressed as a goal.) The 5Ws can be used to create a question. Good research questions require analysis (not answered by yes/no), are focused (meet assignment requirements), and are clear (no vague words). The narrator ends by connecting the research question to the thesis.

Developing a Research Question (6:25) Laurier Library

Mapping Your Research Question

This video leads students through a brainstorming process, moving from an area of interest to more specific ideas for a research question.

Mapping Your Research Question (2:52), asks students to stop the video and brainstorm (UCLA Libraries)

Using the 5Ws to Develop a Research Questions

Takes a topic and uses the 5Ws to create a focused research question.  Ask students to consider if the question works for the assignment at hand.  Also illustrates how research questions can be narrowed or expanded with the 5Ws.  The narrator mentions the challenges of questions that are too broad or too narrow.

Using the 5Ws to Develop a Research Questions (2:57) – New Literacies Alliance

Picking Your Topic IS Research

Students are led through the process of picking a research topic by meeting Jenny and experiencing her flawed model of the research process. Students hear about the iterative nature of research as picking a topic is intertwined with finding and reading sources. This videos stresses the importance of exploratory research to inform the shape of a research question.

North Carolina State University (NCSU) Libraries, 3:10