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Mendeley - Citation Management Software


When signing into Mendeley Reference Manager (desktop version), do not use the institutional log in option. Log in with the email and password you entered when creating your account.  Mendeley is currently not compatible with Duo Two-Factor Authentication.

What is Mendeley?


Mendeley is a free citation manager with web and desktop platforms. Mendeley users can sign up for a free account with 2GB of web space or purchases a premium plan to access more space and sharing/collaboration options. With Mendeley, you can:

  • Build a library of citations from library databases and websites
  • Search and import references and datasets from the Mendeley crowd-sourced catalog
  • Store, organize and share references
  • Annotate documents; record and share notes with collaborators 
  • Create in-text citations and bibliographies using nearly 7,000 citation styles

Mendeley Features

Quick overview of available features: The New Mendeley Reference Manager (2.24)