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Writing 100 (Lanser) Discipline Awareness Assignment

Find Information about a Discipline, its Researchers & Trends


Read and watch the videos below for two valuable search strategies.  Then continue to the next tab on this guide, "Find Background Information in CREDO", to try out these types of searches.

Search Strategy #1

Phrase Searching

 Use double quotes " " around two or more words to create targeted searches that require one or more terms in a specific order. Search by phrase to narrow your results.

  • from James Cook University (JCU) Library & Information Services (1:04)

Sample Phrase Searches: 

"Albert Einstein"

"applied math"

"experimental psychology"

Search Strategy #2

Boolean Operators

Use Boolean Operators such as AND and OR to strategically join your search terms.

  • Use AND to join different concepts and narrow your results.
  • Use OR to join similar concepts and broaden your results.

  • from University of Technology Sydney (UTS) Library (2:01)

Sample Information Need:

  • You are locating information on the development of anthropology as a field of study.

Sample Search:



history OR origins