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Writing 100 (Lanser) Discipline Awareness Assignment

Find Information about a Discipline, its Researchers & Trends

Finding Known Items

Sometimes you will know an item exists (maybe you've seen a citation for it, or your professor recommended it, or you heard about the study in a popular source like a podcast, etc), but not know where to find it.

There are several ways to find a known item.

  • Search in UC Library Search.
  • Search in Google Scholar (if you are looking for a scholarly article) or Google Books (if you are looking for a book). You can also find books in UC Library Search.
  • Search for the journal where it was published using the Journal quick link from the search box on the Library home page.

Finding a Known Item -- Try It Out!

You may find a book that looks helpful for your research and want to read it.

You might hear about books on podcasts, in newspapers or magazines, on websites, etc. Often these books will be partially (though not completely) available through Google Books.

To find a book you can read in UC Library Search, the library's catalog, search for it by name. Use phrase searching ("") to help you find it -- in this case, you might search for "Careers: The Graphic Guide."

Check in UC Library Search to see if it is available, or if you will need to request it using InterLibrary Loan.

Try it out!

Search for the book below in UC Library Search. Do we have it? Is the whole book available in Google Books?

Pawlewski, Sarah. Careers : The Graphic Guide to Finding the Perfect Job for You. First American ed., DK Publishing, 2015.

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