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Writing 100 (Lanser) Discipline Awareness Assignment

Find Information about a Discipline, its Researchers & Trends

Finding Keywords

Identifying Google Keywords:

Searching involves being able to describe what you're looking for. 

Finding Keywords

Using Keywords

In this section we will look at some more examples of using the search terms that we found. 

During the research process it can be helpful to keep an eye out for terms that might be more specific or more strongly related to your topic than ones you're currently using. 

For instance, in researching Bigfoot you might come to use Sasquatch, Yeti or Gigantopithecus as search terms. 

On to our examples:

Remember, you don't need to use AND in Google. Feel free to click on the search terms below to see the results. 

Academic History Dentistry

History Academic Dentistry

See how much word order matters?

Dental History filetype:pdf

Notice that not all advanced search methods turn up exactly the type of information we need. This would require us to change our search terms. 

Try some of the tips to the left to improve your searches. Remember to refine your keywords as you go.