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Critical Race & Ethnic Studies 100 (Myers): Subject-Specific Search Tools

Theories in Critical Race & Ethnic Studies

Class Discussion

What are other subject areas that could be useful for CRES research?

Ethnic Studies

Gender & Sexuality Studies

Social & Behavioral Sciences

How Do You Pick Which Database to Use?

The UC Merced Library has over 700 databases. It can be overwhelming to decide, but there are two things you can do to help.

  • Use the All Subjects limiter in the database A-Z list (Databases tab on the library website) to pinpoint databases related to a certain subject area.
  • Read through the recommended database descriptions to see what kind of content the databases contain.

Finding Databases at UC Merced

Learn how to find databases and how to narrow down by database subject area, full-text availability, etc. (1:14)

History & Humanities

Political Science & Law