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Critical Race & Ethnic Studies 100 (Myers): Scholarly Books

Theories in Critical Race & Ethnic Studies


Books and book chapters can help you get a broader understanding of a topic. They can also provide context for the specific studies you will come across in article databases.

Scholarly books are published by university presses, such as UC Press, NWU Press, etc., but there are other publishers that also publish scholarly books. If the book has citations within the text / footnotes and a bibliography at the end of a chapter or the back of the book, it's generally scholarly.

Monograph books are books in which all of the chapters have been written by, typically, one author.

Anthologies are books in which every chapter is written by a different author. The chapters are collected into one book by an editor.


SimmonThe prison school : educational inequality and school discipline in the age of mass incarcerations, Lizbet. The Prison School: Educational Inequality and School Discipline in the Age of Mass IncarPushout : the criminalization of Black girls in schoolsceration. Oakland, UC Press, 2017.

Morris, Monique W. Pushout: The Criminalization of Black Girls in Schools. New York, The New Press, 2016.

How to Find Scholarly Books

Laurier Library (3:03)

A brief tutorial on how to identify and distinguish scholarly books for research assignments from non-scholarly books and other materials.