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UCM Library Planning & Assessment: SWOT Analysis 2012

SWOT Analysis 2012

SWOT Analysis 2012: Focus on e-Research

Strengths (Internal & Present)

Campus trusts Library more than IT

The Library is willing to try anything

The Library is well-versed in data management knowledge; has 2 librarians and a programmer analyst focused digital curation

The Library has conducted a survey and has knowledge of the campus climate in terms of data management and needs (baseline needs assessment done)

The Library has a pilot with M Dawson: little bit of traction

The Library has a good connection with humanities faculty

The Library was born digital and isn’t burdened by legacy obligations

Our faculty understand the need to be digital

The library has the moral support of UCM administration to take the lead on DM

The library has a strong reputation of customer service and user orientation

Library has access to UC resources: CDL/UC3 and SDSC; UCB and LBNL


Weaknesses (Internal & Present)

The library lacks diversity of disciplinary expertise, the sciences in particular

The library lacks specific technical expertise: visualization, GIS, programming and database design

The library lacks tools and resources for data clean-up and formatting, processing of data

The library has a lack of IT infrastructure—could not just create a repository

The library has a lack of experience in doing full services or repository at large scale

The library lacks external communication and marketing—no established communication channels.

The library has a broad mission without enough resources: FTE, funding, infrastructure, space.

The library has not received new funding for FTE since 2007 (5 years ago). This doesn’t address doubled campus growth, and amounts to a net reduction in funding.

The library lacks granular knowledge of curriculum/requirements


Opportunities (External & Future)

Increased awareness and exposure for the library

Increased relevance for the library

Opportunities for growth and greater campus involvement

Data management is a long-term role for the library

Data mandates from funding agencies are forcing the faculty’s hand

Campus focusing of priorities is an opportunity for us to narrow our mission and direct our focus

New Provost/EVC has strong emphasis on data, Big Data

The VCR supports the Library taking the lead on data management for the campus

Several Deans/Directors alluded to potential possibilities and projects for library involvement:

  • Dean of Engineering sees a role for Library to deliver top-notch data management plans
  • Dean of Natural Sciences, SSHA see a role for Library to serve as data repository and “middleware” (providing data services)
  • HSRI director sees value in collecting longitudinal data about Central Valley population and the library having key role in collecting and disseminating such a database
  • SNRI director would like to see data services that would free up faculty time

Campus IT, no one else on campus has filled this gap

Explore hiring postdocs or temporary subject/domain experts

Threats (External & Future)

Lack of contact with science researchers, i.e. no subject librarians

Lack of domain knowledge

Lack of infrastructure as campus: bandwidth, storage, computing

Lack of buy-in from researchers: do they see the point of data management services and library as filling that role

Many options for data storage invites chaos, security risks

Budget in CA is a threat

Faculty governance culture is a threat

Our relationship with IT

Campus strategic plan is not yet defined. Foci and priorities may change

Campus IT strategy is not yet defined. Difficult to know scope of consolidation, impact and roles/responsibilities across boundaries.

There is a threat of CDL funding being cut.

There is a threat of continued limited resources or continued squeeze of funding.

Without carrot/stick from funding agencies, researchers would not even bother with archiving data.

Faculty don’t pay attention to communication. The library needs to invest considerable effort in individual follow-up and diversified communication channels.