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UCM Library Planning & Assessment: Actions to Address Deficiencies 2014-2015

Actions to Address Deficiencies 2014-2015


  • Identify tasks/activities to outsource
  • Incorporate Student First Center more fully to provide digital signage content and manage campus submissions
  • Develop partnerships to cross-train students to provide research assistance
  • Pursue post-doc and contract positions, as funding is available
  • Investigate, plan, advocate for the space needs projected for 10k students as part of the 2020 Plan
  • Implement project management process more fully
  • Develop resource inventory and tracking
  • Make common workflows visible to staff, e.g. HR processes, recruitment
  • Identify additional funding streams
  • Develop streamlined assessment
  • Improve administrative and assessment support


  • Develop a communication plan
  • Establish library as digital curation clearinghouse
  • Be strategic about IT and foster positive relationships with campus IT (work to improve building wifi) (1y)
  • Create alliances with each of the schools through collaborative efforts, including grant proposals, initiatives, as well as exhibits focused on campus research
  • Advocate for sustainable collection budget and planning for collection in academic program planning 

Human Resources

  • Develop staffing plan for 6-7 years out to coincide with the 2020 Plan
  • Ensure knowledge is documented for future staff, and that we get the right type and quantity of professional development to staff


  • Create user stories
  • Develop stories that celebrate dimensions/values
  • Broadcast library’s vision