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UCM Library Planning & Assessment: Projects Completed


  • integrated information literacy into 9 Writing 10 sections (TRAIL, fall 2014)
  • continued Writing Center pilot (fall 2014 - spring 2015)
  • started Instructional Assistant collaboration with the Writing Program (spring 2015)
  • launched Assessment in Action project with campus team (fall 2014)
  • upgraded iPod Touch Tour viewing to iPad Minis (fall 2014)
  • Surveyed (interviewed) Graduate Program Chairs regarding needs
  • KL359 remodel / upgrade
  • KL262 Collaborative Work Room remodel / upgrade
  • Completed revamp of library website, including migration to campus CMS (Drupal)
  • Hired Digitization Manager
  • Created digitization manual
  • Completed UCLDC Nuxeo DAMS ingest of extant digital collections
  • Finalized MOU with Mark Arax for oral histories
  • Submitted proposal to CoUL for collaborative digitization project on water resources (not approved)
  • Submitted proposal to NEH for collaborative digitization project on AIDS history collections (UCSF PI)
  • Completed Berkeley Research Hub pilot



  • hired Communications Librarian
  • made Instruction Librarian position permanent
  • started website move to Drupal
  • used KL 260 for Writing Center pilot (spring 2014)
  • accepted to Assessment in Action (AiA) program
  • piloted WRI 10 research & writing integrated curriculum (spring 2014)
  • updated Research Process Tutorial series with audio and pre-quizzes
  • conducted interviews with WRI 10 students on source use
  • conducted focus groups, spring 2014
  • collaborated with the Center for Research on Teaching Excellence to offer faculty series "Creating Research Ready Students in the Digital Age"
  • collaborated with Students' First to move management of campus digital signs to their department
  • Library Working Group? report
  • Submitted grant proposal to CITRIS for digitization of water resources and development of New California Water Atlas (not funded)
  • Submitted proposal for water resources digitization to Academic Senate Faculty Grants and Blum Center (not funded)
  • Hosted first Graduate Student Appreciation Week event: poetry reading co-sponsored by Center for the Humanities



  • KL275C conference room upgrade (in progress)
  • add additional baby changing stations (cancelled)
  • KL487 staff office space subdivision
  • KL267 staff office space subdivision
  • Hired Access Services Librarian
  •  LAUC-M Revised Bylaws
  • iPod Touch Library tour for the iPad — version for those with disabilities
  • Guide on the Side – installation, creation of tutorials
  • Open Access Fund Pilot – fund established
  • UC Merced Academic Innovation and the American Research University Symposium – content made available in eScholarship
  • The Research Process tutorial series – content converted to HTML, quizzes made available in Drupal module
  • SCVNGR New Student Outreach – during Welcome Week
  • Implementation of WMS
  • Hired Data Curation Librarian
  • LAUC-M Revised CAPA Review Procedures
  • Passwords Databases – in progress
  • Completed Periodic Review
  • Fall 2012 Cohort, CLIF/DLF E-Science Institute - developed strategic agenda
  • Pilot: Berkeley Research Hub (selected faculty members and Office of Research) - in progress
  • CiviCRM setup for tracking data consultations
  • Library Communication plan and marketing materials targeting faculty and graduate students


  • KL 371 Library Instruction Room
  • Additional furniture (Steelcase Wall) for KL 280
  • Additional furniture for KL 155
  • Joomla 2.5 Upgrade
  • ETDs published on eScholarship
  • Records of the Founding of Psychology at UC Merced: collection in Merritt
  • Henry O. Nightingale diaries published


  • UC Systemwide Library Tutorial
  • Additional furniture for KL 380
  • 24/7 Digital Reference Service
  • Mobile Website
  • Student Life Cycle (Hiring, Training, Recognition, etc.)
  • Orientation Video II
  • LibAnswers (AskUs) for FAQs
  • Open Access Week
  • Faculty Data Management Needs/Data Curation survey
  • Digitization of UCSF Speck Cholera pamphlets collection
  • 3-D Archaeology at Catalhoyuk exhibit
  • My Family through Clothing exhibit
  • Dunya Ramicova: Designing Costumes exhibit
  • PRDLA website RFP/redesign


  • Library Project Gateway
  • iTouch Library Tour
  • Joomla 1.5 Upgrade
  • Writing 10 Tutorials (Captivate)
  • Orientation Video
  • Roving Reference
  • Open Access Week
  • Library Portal Page
  • Libguides Acquisition/Implementation
  • Wilma McDaniel collection: inventory and exhibit
  • The Song Dynasty Digital Gazetteer website: Ruth Mostern
  • Angels Camp Museum/HIST 190 internships
  • Hobos to Street People exhibit


  • Scala Digital Signage System
  • Joomla Content Management System
  • SCR Database (FileMaker)
  • i>clicker purchase/implementation
  • Digitization of Journal of California Anthropology and Journal of California and Great Basin Anthropology: published on eScholarhip
  • Alternative Publications website: Manuel Martin-Rodriguez
  • The Scyphozoan website: Michael Dawson
  • The Valley Experience: Works by the Contemporary Humanitarian Artist Association exhibit
  • Head Games: Ceramic Sculpture by Pancho Jimenez exhibit
  • Transitions: Portraits of UC Merced's Founding Students by Roger Wyan exhibit
  • Fairy Shrimp Chronicles


  • Living Under the Trees exhibit
  • Xico Gonzalez: liberARTE exhibit
  • Merced Camera Club photography exhibit
  • The Cold War exhibit


  • Completion of IMLS National Leadership Grant; Clark Center for Japanese Art and Culture digital collection published in Online Archive of California, Calisphere
  • Treasures from the Lee Institute for Japanese Art exhibit
  • Daruma exhibit
  • Frank Cameron: Metal Art exhibit
  • Artful Produce: Label Art of California's Growers exhibit
  • David Johnson Photography: Images Past & Present exhibit
  • Spendlove Prize: display honoring Charles Ogletree
  • Digital Reference launches, November


  • Opening day collection moved from Castle to campus.
  • UC Merced Library opens to the public.
  • Loaner Laptop program
  • Supplemental Course Resources Program
  • Opening-day library furniture
  • Gonella Discovery Room
  • Implementation of Luna Insight 5.5
  • Acquisition of Walt McLean Estate Collection
  • At Work: California Labor exhibit
  • Miracles on the Border: Folk Paintings of Mexican Migrants to the U.S. exhibit
  • The Great Central Valley exhibit: long-term installation
  • Library website redesign


  • Innovative Interface's Millennium Integrated Library Sysytem
  • Opening-day book collection (YBP Library Services)
  • Shelf-ready services (YBP Library Services)
  • UC Merced added to CDL licenses
  • Checkpoint Systems RFID inventory control system
  • UCSF Japanese woodblock prints digitization
  • Digitization of Chinese seals
  • Digitization of WWII Japanese relocation camp newsletters (Merced, Turlock, Pinedale)
  • Digitization of mugbook, Merced County
  • Acquisition of A/V digitization equipment for instructional materials