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Digital Tools for Project Management & Collaboration: Getting Started

A workshop in the "Preparing Research-Ready Students for the Digital Age" Certificate series

Getting Started

Manage - the "manipulation of all resources available to students, both material and human" (Sharp, Peters, and Howard, p.4)

Research - "seeking through methodical processes to add to one's own body of knowledge and that of others, by the discovery of nontrivial facts and insights" (Sharp, Peters, and Howard, p.7)

Project - “a temporary endeavor undertaken to achieve a particular aim”

Talbert, Robert. "The biggest lesson from the flipped classroom may not be about math." Chronicle of Higher Education, October 7, 2013,

Instructional Development Coordinator - CRTE

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Elizabeth McMunn-Tetangco
KL 275
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Instructional Development Coordinator-CRTE

Anali Makoui
Instructional Development Coordinator, CRTE
Lecturer, School of Natural Science
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Head, Digital Assets

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Emily Lin
Director, Strategic Initiatives, Archives & Special Collections
UC Merced Library