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Digital Tools for Project Management & Collaboration: EasyBib

A workshop in the "Preparing Research-Ready Students for the Digital Age" Certificate series

EasyBib Fast Facts

EasyBib is an online citation tool that provides citation, note-taking and other research tools. It identifies itself as being geared towards the needs of undergraduates. Citations in MLA format are free, and citations in APA and Chicago/Turabian are available for a fee. EasyBib searches sources online to provide citations, and works with Google Docs to create bibliographies for Google users.

EasyBib can:

  • Create citations in MLA format
  • Search for books, newspaper articles, journal articles, and databases (in addition to others)
  • Export citations to Microsoft Word, Google Docs, or SkyDrive
  • Provide links to citations guides and information
  • Save and share resources

EasyBib App


EasyBibCreate accurate MLA, APA, and Chicago style citations in seconds by scanning a book bar code or by typing the name of a book with the EasyBib app.  Free!  Available for Android and Apple.

EasyBib Instructions

Step-by-step instructions for using EasyBib, compiled by UC Merced librarians. Please email us at with questions.