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Digital Tools for Project Management & Collaboration: Managing References & Citations

A workshop in the "Preparing Research-Ready Students for the Digital Age" Certificate series

Citation Building Tools

Use these tools to help you build citations in various formats, or access the dropdown menu under the Tools for Citing Sources tab to see more detailed information about other options.

Citation Formats

Different citation formats are used by different academic disciplines.  Professors will often require a particular format, but if they have no preference these guidelines may be helpful:

  • APA - psychology, education, and other social sciences
  • MLA - literature, arts, and humanities
  • Turabian - designed for college students to use with all subjects
  • Chicago - used with all subjects in the "real world" by books, magazines, newspapers and other non-scholarly publications

Citation & Bibliographic Tools


UC Merced Guide to Mendeley

Citing Primary Documents from Electronic Sources

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Citations Styles & Disciplines

Each discipline has a preferred citation style.  Various websites point to the desired citation style for each discipline.