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Digital Tools for Project Management & Collaboration: Zotero

A workshop in the "Preparing Research-Ready Students for the Digital Age" Certificate series

Zotero Fast Facts

Zotero is a free Firefox add-on and standalone program that will store, manage, and help organize your citations. Its format is similar to iTunes, and it allows users to pull citation information from the web as well as from databases. 

You can use Zotero as either its Firefox incarnation, its standalone program, or both.

The standalone program works with Firefox, Chrome, and Safari. You can install Zotero standalone if you prefer for your references to live on your computer rather than on your browser.

Zotero Can:

  • Generate in-text citations
  • Create bibliographies
  • Store copies of sources
  • Share references with others
  • Sync your data across devices
  • Download citations from the web as well as databases
  • Communicate with software like Microsoft Word
  • Allow you to share resources and communicate with other scholars

Learn to use Zotero by watching Zotero Tutorials.

Zotero Instructions

Step-by-step instructions for using Zotero, compiled by UC Merced librarians. Please email us at with questions.