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Using UC Library Search

An introduction to UC Library Search, the new systemwide catalog search and discovery tool.

I found thousands of items! How do I narrow my search?

You may find that your search has retrieved many thousands of items. To make your search a useful one, it's a good idea to apply filters to your search. The filters are on the left side of the webpage (yellow rectangle). You'll see them after you've done a search.

UC Library Search search results showing Refine Your Results options on left, with apply filters link

Some of your options include limiting your search results to journal articles only, or books, or book chapters. You can also limit your search results to a particular format, like online items only, or print and physical items only.

To limit your search results to any of these, just click the box next to the items and formats to which you want to limit your search. Lets say we want to limit our results to online journal articles only. Click the box next to "Articles" and the box next to "Online items." When you've chosen how to limit your search results, a green button will appear at the bottom: "Apply filters." Click Apply filters to narrow your search results to only online journal articles.

Closeup of Refine Your Results in catalog search results: sort by, show, and more