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Using UC Library Search

An introduction to UC Library Search, the new systemwide catalog search and discovery tool.

Searching UCM Library's catalog from the library's main webpage

UC Library Search is available from the library's main webpage:

The UC Library Search interface on the main library webpage, including the searchbox.

Just enter any combination of keywords or subjects to begin your search.

Searching UCM Library's catalog from the UC Library Search webpage

You can also start your search by going to UCM's UC Library Search webpage, available here and from the library's A-Z list of databases. Using UC Library Search from the list of databases will give you some pointers on how to use the database, including how to use unifying terms like AND, OR and NOT to narrow or expand your search as needed. You can also click Advanced Search (yellow square, above) for more search options, including limiting your search to UC Merced Library's holdings.

UC Library Search database interface, showing links to advanced search, interlibrary loan, Browzine, and the sign-in link

Limiting your search results to the UCM Library

While UC Library Search lets you search the contents of the libraries at all ten UC campuses, it also allows you to narrow your search results to the contents of the UCM Library only. You can do this by choosing "UC Merced Catalog" from the UC Library Search menu.

After you do a search, look at the pulldown menu next to the search box. In this case, we've done a search for "mexico and politics and history." The search default is "Articles, books and more." The results of this search include the contents of UCM's library and the libraries at the other nine UC campus libraries (yellow arrow). To limit your search to UC Merced's library only, click "UC Merced Catalog" (yellow rectangle).

UC Library Search interface with pull down menu showing default setting Articles, Books and More, and optional settings, UC Merced Catalog, course reserves, Archives, and WorldCat