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Using UC Library Search

An introduction to UC Library Search, the new systemwide catalog search and discovery tool.

Sign in to VPN and UC Library Search

You don't HAVE to sign in to UC Library Search to find library resources -- but it helps! Signing in lets the system recognize you as a UCM affiliate, and will allow you to access all of the Library's services, like interlibrary loan. You'll also be able to see:

  • Your saved records and searches;
  • Requested and borrowed items; and
  • Messages, blocks, fines, and fees.

NOTE: THE UC LIBRARY SEARCH LOGIN IS NOT THE SAME AS THE VPN LOGIN.  After you've logged on with the VPN, you'll have to do a second login to UC Library Search. Here's how to do it.

FROM THE UCM LIBRARY'S MAIN PAGE: Look to the upper right corner. There's a blue menu bar with the option: "My Library Account" (yellow arrow). Click My Library Account.

You can sign in to UC Library Search using the same UCM NetID and password that you use to get your e-mail. Click "Sign in to UCMNet ID."

You'll see the two-factor authentication request. Once you've completed the authentication, your name will appear on the blue menu bar at the top of the library's webpage. If you click the down arrow next to your name, you can check a number of library services here.

FROM WITHIN UC LIBRARY SEARCH: You can search UC Library Search from the library's main page without signing in. But if you do, you'll see a yellow ribbon at the top of your search results reminding you to sign in to get all results. You'll also be reminded to connect to the VPN.