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Using UC Library Search

An introduction to UC Library Search, the new systemwide catalog search and discovery tool.

Welcome to UC Library Search!

UC Library Search is the University of California's new online catalog and search tool. You can access it directly here or from the Library's main webpage, or by click the UC Library Search logo next to the searchbox on the main page. UC Library Search will guide you to physical and print materials held at UC Merced's Kolligian Library and online journal articles and e-books from UC Merced's databases. You can also use UC Library Search to locate books, journal  articles, and other materials at the libraries of the other nine UC campuses and request that they be sent to UC Merced's library for pickup.

UC Library Search infographic showing coverage of the system: UC Merced Library, the other UC campuses, and WorldCat.

Where did Melvyl go?

After forty years, Melvyl is finally being honorably retired. Some years ago, librarians at all ten UC campuses recognized the need for a more advanced, streamlined system to better serve the research needs of students, staff and faculty of the University of California. After four years of planning, UC Library Search integrates the library collections at all ten UC campuses and the two regional repositories, making searching for library resources and materials far easier. If you'd like to learn more about Melvyl's history and why it has been retired, please visit the UC Library Search page at