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Writing 116 (Hothem)

Writing in the Natural Sciences

Prior to 2/10

Dear Writing 116 Students,

Hello! I'm Elizabeth Salmon, Research Services Librarian. On Thursday 2/10, I am joining your class to provide a research strategies workshop to support your Wri 116 projects. 

Before February 10th, please:

  1. watch the 3 videos below.
    1. Be prepared to respond to the questions listed for each video.
  2. set up the VPN (if you haven't already.)
    1. Click UC Merced VPN Installation Instructions (all devices) for instructions.
    2. Problems with installing or connecting? Contact OIT.

The workshop will begin with a review of the information presented in the videos. Hope everyone's semester is off to a good start. Elizabeth

Online Research: Tips for Effective Search Strategies (3:04)

This video reviews strategies to make your database searches more effective. We will practice these strategies together in class.

  1. Which strategies have you used before?
  2. Are any of the strategies new to you?


Academic Journals & Article Types (3:20)

While this video focuses on The Lancet, one of the most prominent medical journals, the information presented is true for most peer-reviewed scholarly journals. 

  1. What are the various types of articles are mentioned in the video?
  2. How are original research articles and review articles different? How are they the same? 


Using Citation Trails to Find MORE Resources (3:00)

Use an article's citations trails to find more information related to your research. This video will show you how to locate an article's citation trails in Web of Science, Google Scholar, and UC Library Search. 

  1. What two directions do citation trails flow?
  2. Why might a research be interested in using citation trails?