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Writing 10 (Toconis)

Wri 10: Intersectionality and Environmental Justice


Wondering how to access, locate, and use information sources?  This guide will provide information to support your research endeavors.

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Outcomes & Outline

GOAL: Locate resources needed for your Wikipedia contribution and upcoming course projects. 

Today you will be able to …

  • identify information gaps in a Wikipedia article
  • locate sources related to themes of intersectional environmentalism using suitable search strategies and keywords.
  • prepare for our upcoming Wikipedia editing session.

Part I: Wikipedia (15 - 20 min.)

  • feedback on module
  • Wikipedia article classifications
  • information gaps in Wikipedia articles (Jamboard activity & discussion)

Part II: Keywords, Search Strategies & Databases (40 min.)

  • reviewing assignment questions to identify possible keywords to research your topic
  • brief Search Tool Demos #1 (UC Library Search & Academic Search Complete)
  • brief Search Tool Demos #2 (ScienceDirect & Google Scholar) 

Part III: Wrap-Up & Feedback (10 min.)

  • preparation for Session 2
  • questions