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Writing 130: Grant and Proposal Writing (Ocena)

When using general internet sources

When using general internet sources, it is especially important that you evaluate them for credibility and authority.  In general .gov and .edu sites are restricted to the U.S. government and institutions of higher education, respectively. Unfortunately .com and .org sites can be used by almost anyone. Be sure to check for a website's publisher or sponsor. Also pay attention to the types of ads on the site. Check out page 4 of this guide for more help.

The Open Web

The open web is anything that can be found through a search engine like Google that does not live behind a firewall or password. Library databases and many other things are found on the closed web because they are resources that the library subscribes to. 

What percentage of the web is searchable by Google? Some estimates put it around only 0.04%!

On the Open Web

GoogleYahoo, or Bing searches can pull up leadership plans and organizational documents from institutions similar to your partner organization.

  • Try along with filetype:pdf along with terms like "leadership plan," "nonprofit leadership," "city government leadership," "arts organization leadership"

Article Networks in Google Scholar (Video Tutorial)

Discover how to connect to forward article networks (Cited By information) in Google Scholar.  Also used Related Articles links to find relevant resources. (1:38)