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Spark 1 (Moyes)

Spark Seminar: Archaeology in Popular Culture

Selecting Databases

Multidisciplinary Databases (Books + Articles)

Subject-Specific Databases (Primarily Articles + Journal Literature)

Below are some databases related to your archeology & pop culture focus. To see more, visit the full database list.

Database Comparison Activity


Working in groups:

  1. Open this Google Sheet:
  2. Assign 1 person in the group to be your scribe. This person will type your group's answer into the Google sheet. If no one wants to be the scribe, assign this to the person whose birthday is closest (or today!) 
  3. Assign another person to be your group's spokesperson. If no one wants to be the spokesperson, assign this to the person whose birthday is farthest away. 
  4. Conduct a search in your assigned databases and respond to the questions in the Google sheet. We will debrief and discuss your findings as a group.