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Sociology 191: Senior Capstone (Whitt)

Higher Education in the U.S.

Research is a Process (Infographic)

Research is an iterative process. Instead of straightforward and linear, it is repetitive and cyclical. As you move through the steps to learn, you should modify and revise your strategies. Don't be afraid to return to an earlier step to reset your process!Research is a Process infographic; follow the long description link for a web accessible version

Long description of "Research is a Process" for web accessibility

A note about this guide's structure

The pages in this guide are organized around the 5-step research process. Keep in mind that no one's process looks the same. Research is not linear from start to finish, so you should be willing and comfortable jumping between steps. You can always reach out to a librarian for help or visit the "Access & More Help" page in this guide for assistance.