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Sociology 245: Sociology of Health (Polonijo)

Updated for Spring 2024 by Bronwen Maxson

Example for Class

Gruber, R., Somerville, G., Bergmame, L., Fontil, L., & Paquin, S. (2016). School-based sleep education program improves sleep and academic performance of school-age children. Sleep Medicine, 21, 93-100.

LibWizard Finding a Known Item Tutorial

Finding a Known Item


1. Connect to the campus network via the VPN if you are off-campus.  You will need this connection to access one or more library databases while taking the tutorial.

2. Take the short quiz at the end of the tutorial.  Enter your email address AND your professor's email address. Afterwards locate the email confirmation. These emails often go to your SPAM folder, so be sure to check there.  It is often easiest to search in your email account for the phrase "Certificate of completion" to find your email confirmation.

3. You are ready! Click on the link below to start the tutorial. Follow the instructions on the left hand of the screen and, as directed, complete activities in the main screen (right).

Finding a Known Item >>

Finding Known Items

Known item searching refers to finding a specific article, either based on a citation or title.

Article Level Strategies

1.  Look for the article title in Google Scholar For full-text, try clicking on the article title OR look under More for UC-eLinks/ Get it at UC.

2.  Look for the article title in UC Library Search.  Look for the green Available Online link or request form.

3.  Look for the article title in a major database in the article's subject area.  * This can be a little bit like a needle in a haystack!!

4.  Look in regular Google.  You may be able to find on the web IF someone has posted it.

Journal Level Strategy

5. Look for the journal title in the Journals tab.  Search for the journal title in the Journals tab on the library home page search box.  See if the journal is available. Is the date you need available? If so, drill down to the correct volume and issue number.


I found the following citation in an article, and I want to find it to read for my research. Do we have access to the PDF?

Tsai, L.-L., & Li, S.-P. (2004). Sleep education in college: A preliminary study. Perceptual and Motor Skills, 99(3): 837848.

Which method did you use to see if UC Merced has access to the above article?

Google Scholar: 26 votes (72.22%)
UC Library Search: 10 votes (27.78%)
Total Votes: 36

Are you able to access the full-text (PDF) of the article?

Yes: 37 votes (97.37%)
No: 1 votes (2.63%)
Total Votes: 38