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Sociology 245: Sociology of Health (Polonijo)

Updated for Spring 2024 by Bronwen Maxson

Measuring the Importance of Journals & Articles

The Impact Factor is a measure of the frequency with which the "average article" in a journal has been cited in a given period of time. It is one way scholars measure the relative importance of a journal within its field.

Index finger pointed right In other words Impact Factor is a proxy for quality of a journal, but it does not indicate quality at the level of an individual article. 

Checking the Availability of a Journal

Ulrichs Global Serials Directory

Not sure if an article is scholarly or popular?  Ulrichs has detailed information on more than 300,000 publications.  Enter journal/magazine title in the search box and find your publication.  Then, look for Academic/Scholarly in the Content Type field.

Find Key Scholars

Finding highly cited authors can lead you to highly cited journals and articles.